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Claims Surveillance System Savings Near $10 Million

At a MedBen health plan language seminar on July 29, AWAC Vice President of Cost Containment Dr. Luke Burchard announced that since implementing new claims surveillance software in September 2007, MedBen clients have saved $9.97 million. “That means… more »


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Health Reform Update: Senate, House Bills Likely Delayed

President Obama and Senate leaders have all but conceded that no health reform legislation will make it to the Senate floor for a vote until after the August recess. CQ Politics reports that there still exists an outside chance that the House may get a… more »


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MedBen is Now on Twitter!

MedBen has joined the Twitter generation! Our new Twitter page will complement this blog by providing you the up-to-the-minute news and commentary on health care reform, regulatory changes, wellness and other vital matters. You can get messages from… more »


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Reform Update: Senate Health Committee Approves Reform Bill

The Senate’s health committee – voting along party lines – approved a health reform bill that would require Americans to obtain health insurance and create a government-sponsored plan to compete with private insurers. According to The… more »


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Reform Update: "Blue Dog" Democrats Not on Board for Health Care Bill

Conservative Democrats in the House aren’t sold on health care reform just yet. USA Today reports that a coalition of so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats have advised House leadership that they will not approve current legislation, saying… more »


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Health Care Industry Facing Medicare Cuts

While Congress labors to hash out a workable overhaul of the health care system, President Obama is pushing cost savings through Medicare cuts to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical specialists – just part of a proposed $313 billion health… more »