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Friday Legislative Update: House Unveils Health Reform Bill

On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the House health care reform bill, which would provide coverage to 36 million people currently without insurance. The New York Times reports that the legislation would cost $1.05 trillion over 10 years, but… more »


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Employer Mandate Could Prove A Costly Proposition

Amidst all the tumult and debate over such issues as health insurance reforms and public options, the subject of employer mandates has received comparatively little mention. The Wall Street Journal notes that while the Senate Finance Bill only places… more »


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Friday Legislative Update: Public Option Rising from the Ashes?

Is the public option, once thought to be on life support, poised for a comeback? ABC News reports that the final Senate reform bill will feature a government-run insurance program provision, if Majority Leader Harry Reid has his way. This is in spite of… more »


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Planning Your 2010 Health Coverage

As 2009 is winding down – only ten weeks till Christmas, can you believe it? – it’s time to consider your health plan options for next year, particularly if have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). The… more »


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Friday Legislative Update: Senate Bill Friends and Foes

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog breaks down how certain groups feel about the Senate Finance Bill: The pharmaceutical industry: Supports it. The American Hospital Association: Supports it, but with reservations. The American Medical… more »


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Health Reform Update: Senate Finance Committee Approves Bill

The Washington Post reports that the Senate Finance Committee has approved its health reform bill by a vote of 14 to 9. Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine was the sole Republican to vote in favor of the legislation, saying that the consequences of… more »
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Study Ranks State Levels of Health Care Quality

Interested in knowing how your state ranks in the quality of health care it provides? A study by The Commonwealth Fund assessed states’ performance based on various benchmarks, including quality, costs and health outcomes. Vermont residents have… more »


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Legislative Update: CBO Delivers Good News to Senate

The Senate Finance Committee’s health reform proposal got a major boost this week from the Congressional Budget Office, The Washington Post reports. The cost of the measure is projected to be $829 billion over the next decade, but would produce… more »


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Debit Cards Give A Boost to CDHPs

Debit cards have gradually overtaken checks as the payment method of choice, so it should come as no surprise that their acceptance is spurring the popularity of consumer-driven health plans. This article on the Employee Benefits News website sites an… more »


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MedBen Achieves $11 Million in Survelliance System Savings

Just one month after reaching the $10 million threshold in cumulative client savings from its claims survelliance system, MedBen has posted an additional $1 million in savings. Introduced in September 2007, our survelliance system performs a… more »


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Friday Legislative Update: Amendments Added to Senate Reform Bill

The Senate Finance Committee adopted several key amendments to its health reform legislation this week. Perhaps the most noteworthy addition is an amendment that reduces tax deductions for insurance executive salaries from $1 million to $500,000,… more »