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MedBen President Featured in Columbus Business First

MedBen President & CEO Doug Freeman was recently interviewed for Columbus Business First, a weekly news journal, and shared his thoughts on the health reform legislation signed into law on March 23. In the article, he explains how MedBen is acting… more »


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No COBRA Extension Passed as Congress Breaks for Easter

Employers may soon get a (very) brief reprieve from taking on additional COBRA costs. The COBRA subsidy benefit, which requires employers to pay 65% of premiums for involuntarily terminated workers, is due to expire on March 31, with no extension as yet… more »


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HEALTH CARE REFORM PROVISIONS SET – House Passes Reconciliation Bill

Last night the House passed the Reconciliation Bill – its changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “PPACA”) signed into law this past Tuesday – which was approved by the Senate earlier this week. The Reconciliation Bill makes… more »


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Summary of 2010 Requirements under Health Care Reform

As we digest this lengthy and complicated reform, we will pass along features that could affect our policyholders and self-funded clients. Many have asked what pieces of the law are effective in the near term. Based on our research of the first… more »


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Full Text of Health Care Reform Bills

Below are links to the Health Care Reform legislation passed on 3/22/2010 and the House Reconciliation bill which is before the Senate this week. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - Passed both House and Senate 3-21-2010 Health Care and… more »


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Reform Update: House Passes Sweeping Health Reform Legislation

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, the Senate bill to reform the health care system, by a vote of 219 to 212. The most extensive overhaul of health care since Medicare in 1965, the Patient… more »


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Reform Update: House Likely to Vote Sunday on Senate Bill Revisions

Perhaps you’ve heard that there may be a rather important vote in the House of Representatives this weekend. House members will likely meet Sunday to vote on the Senate health reform bill. More specifically, they will, in all probability, vote on… more »


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Physicians Support Employer Wellness Efforts

Another week, another wellness study – but this time, it’s doctors on the receiving end of the questions. According to Employee Benefits News, nearly three-quarters of physicians surveyed by Midwest Business Group of Health believe that… more »


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New Bill Would Extend COBRA Subsidy Until Year's End

Once again, Congress is likely to entend the COBRA employer subsidy – and this time for more than a month or two. Business Insurance reports that the Senate has passed a bill that will take the COBRA subsidy extension through the rest of 2010. The… more »


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Reform Update: Health Reform Legislation to Include Student-aid Bill?

Now that it is almost certain that Congressional Democratic leaders will try to pass a final health care reform bill using budget reconciliation, which would require only a simple majority to get the bill through the Senate, they may not be content to… more »


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Wellness Trends Parallel Established MedBen Services

Employee Benefit News reports on the latest wellness survey (apparently, wellness is a rich subject for researchers these days), this one conducted by DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance. At MedBen, we find such studies a useful resource to gauge how… more »


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CHIPRA Requires Employer Action to Provide Notice

Employers are now required to distribute to their employees a notice regarding their employee enrollment rights under the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009. The Department of Labor and the Department of Health &… more »


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COBRA Employer Subsidy Extended through March

President Obama has signed into law a one-month COBRA subsidy extension, the Business Journal website reports. As previously mentioned here, a provision in the legislation will also make the 15-month subsidy available to workers who had earlier lost… more »


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More Employers Offering CDHPs to Control Costs

Worksite wellness is not the only strategy employers are relying on to slow health cost growth. According to a Mercer Survey of Employer-sponsored Health Plans, both small and large companies with an eye on the bottom line are increasingly offering… more »