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DOL Updates COBRA Web Page

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has updated its dedicated COBRA web page ( to reflect the recent extension of unemployment benefits. As the page notes, “The Unemployment… more »


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White House Introduces New Insurance Appeals Rules

The health care reform rollout continues. Last week, the Obama administration unveiled new regulations addressing insurance appeals procedures. The provisions of the rules state that new health plans – self-funded as well as fully insured –… more »


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MedBen Health Reform Seminars in Full Swing

MedBen University is currently touring the Midwest, speaking to business professionals on the topic, “Health Care Reform: What Employers Need to Know". These free presentations examine the immediate and long-term effects of reform, and offer… more »


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MedBen delivers $976,000 in quarterly pharmacy rebates to clients

MedBen is writing checks to self-funded clients totaling more than $976,000 for quarterly pharmacy rebates this week. And while it may seem routine for MedBen clients, it is far from the norm in the pharmacy benefit management world. In fact, many… more »
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No Progress on COBRA Subsidy Extension in Congress

Have COBRA subsidies come to the end of the road? Judging by recent activity in Congress, it looks increasingly likely. Employer subsidies covering 65% of COBRA premiums for termed workers ended on May 31 (individuals who were eligible on or before… more »


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Health Care Reform Documents Available to MedBen Clients

MedBen has compiled a series of useful documents with current information about various health care reform provisions. These downloadable documents are now available on the Plan Design section of this blog. This section is password-protected and… more »


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Greater Acceptance of Generics Helps Reduce Rx Cost Increases

The stigma against generic prescription drugs continues to wane as consumers become more educated about their similarities to brand name medications and cost-saving advantages. Employee Benefits News cites a CVS Caremark report that found the generic… more »


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White House Releases Free Preventive Care Mandates

NPR has compiled a list of “Seven Things You Missed In The New Health Law”. The number one item: free coverage for preventive care. Earlier this week, the White House issued new rules requiring health insurers to cover at 100% such services… more »


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Ohio Age 28 Dependent Continuation Law Takes Effect

As part of the Ohio Budget Bill passed in July 2009, Ohio law now requires insurance companies, health insuring corporations and public employee benefit plans to offer their insureds and participants the opportunity to continue health care coverage for… more »


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Categories: Announcements, Health Plan Management

MedBen Access, FSA/HRA System Now Available Through Single Login

If your group has multiple plans administered by MedBen, it’s more convenient than ever to monitor your combined activity. MedBen Plan members can now access medical, dental, FSA and HRA information using a single user name and password. When… more »


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HR Professionals Can Earn Recertification Credits at MBU Seminars

Human Resources Specialists have another important reason to attend one of the health care reform seminars MedBen University (MBU) is conducting this summer. MedBen has requested and received pre-approval from the HR Certification Institute, so HR… more »


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Federal Government Rolls Out New Reform Programs -- And A New Tanning Tax

With relatively little fanfare, several provisions of the health care reform bill took effect on July 1: High-risk insurance pools are now available nationwide, either from the federal government or one of 30 states that offer their own programs.… more »


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MedBen Health Care Reform Presentation Subject of Newspaper Article

MedBen Vice President of Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer Caroline Fraker recently spoke about health care reform to area business members at a luncheon sponsored by the Licking County (OH) Chamber of Commerce luncheon. The event was covered by The… more »