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Finding The "Good" In "Bad" Foods


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Finding The "Good" In "Bad" Foods

As we like to see the “good” in everything whenever possible, we jump at the opportunity to stand up for anything that’s got a reputation as, well, “not good". So an article on the Cool Health Tips website appealed to our inner protector.

Highlighting five popular foods that have varying degrees of notoriety for being unhealthly, the article asserts that the foods also have positive benefits that actually make them good for most people. The key, as with most things we consume, is to enjoy them in moderation.

Nuts: Contain heart-friendly unsaturated fats, and offer such valuable nutrients as lutein (in pistachios), vitamin E (almonds) and omega-3 (walnuts).

Coffee: Contains compounds that may reduce the risk of diabetes, dementia, liver cancer and other conditions.

Corn: The high fructose corn syrup content associated with it is not pervasive in the sweet variety we commonly get. Rather, it’s high in fiber and lutetin.

Cheese: High in saturated fat, to be sure, but also a great sourse of calcium and protein.

Bread: So long as you stick with whole grain varieties (thus avoiding exessive refined grains), it’s a desirable dining option.

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