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Physician Groups Develop A Testing "Don't" List

Physicians continually strive to find the proper balance of patient testing between judicious and excessive. Last year, nine medical societies created a list of 45 tests and procedures they consider overused… and as it turns out, that was just the… more »


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Minimum Value Calculator for Self-Funded Plans Released

A notice regarding a new method for determining if self-funded plans meet minimum value standards, from the Society of Professional Benefits Administrators: “The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a final rule providing a… more »


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Generics Help To Control Overall Drug Cost Growth

Drug costs continue to see modest overall increases, due in large part to greater availability of lower-cost generics, according to a study in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (ASHP): “From September 2011 to September 2012, prescription… more »


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MedBen Online Services Briefly Unavailable During Generator Installation

This Saturday (February 23), MedBen is upgrading its current generator, targeted to keep phones and systems working in case of a power outage, to a new generator which will maintain all MedBen operations – from claims processing to customer service and… more »
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Half Of States Say No To Exchanges; High-Risk Program Ends Enrollments

Several important health care reform developments have made the news over the past few days: Only half the states have officially agreed to run their health insurance exchanges, Kaiser Health News reports. Ohio is among the 26 states that have… more »


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Making The Most Of Your Doctor Visits

Maximizing your health care dollars means getting the most out of your physician visits. Typically, your doctor has a packed patient schedule, and may resort to an established set of questions to ascertain your condition. So it’s important to take… more »


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Federal Anti-Fraud Efforts Recoup Record Amount

Give credit where it’s due: Whatever hiccups the federal government has experienced with implementing health care reforms, it’s done an admirable job recouping ill-gotten gains. The Obama administration said earlier this week that the… more »


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Determining Surgery Costs May Require Detective Work

It may come as no surprise to you that the cost of a surgical procedure can differ greatly from one hospital to another – regional variations and hospital reputations typically factor into the asking price. But say that you needed treatment, and… more »


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CBO: Fiscal Cliff Compromises Will Mean Fewer New Insureds

NBC News reports that a Congressional deal to avoid the fiscal cliff will result in fewer people getting health insurance under the Affordable Care Act – at least at first. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office projects about 8… more »
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Advanced Stroke Treatment No More Effective Than Drugs Alone, Studies Find

A stroke treatment that uses a device to clear a blocked artery is not as effective as hoped, three separate studies suggest. According to NPR, endovascular (within-the-artery) treatment combined with an intravenous dose of a clot-busting drug called… more »


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Healthy Males Could Bear Brunt Of ACA Premium Increases, Survey Suggests

Some young and healthy men could see their health insurance premiums nearly triple under the Affordable Care Act, a new survey reveals. According to POLITICO, the American Action Forum survey of insurers found that if the health care reform law’s… more »


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Consumer Reports Rates Cancer Tests

Consumer Reports may be best known for putting autos and big-screen TVs through their paces, but it sometimes turns its critical eye towards medical matters as well – including, recently, cancer screening tests. According to WebMD Health News,… more »


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Navigating Health Care Reform Won't Come Easy... Or Cheap

While it remains to be seen whether the Affordable Care Act will truly make health care more, well, affordable, one thing is certain: The law will definitely stimulate employment. Washington Post writer N.C. Aizenman reviews the logistical challenge… more »
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FDA Approves Generic Version Of Popular Cancer Drug

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic version of Doxil, a cancer drug that has been in short supply of late. Reuters reports that the generic version of Doxil will be available in 20 milligram and 50 milligram vials. Doxil was… more »


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Workers And Employers Both Benefit From Wellness Programs

A majority of workers whose employers sponsor a company wellness program believe it benefits them, a new survey finds. Employee Benefits News reports that in 2012, 62% of workers agreed that a worksite wellness improves health while reducing health… more »


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Obama Administration Proposes Solution For Contraception Dilemma (UPDATED)

The Obama administration has clarified earlier rules regarding women’s contraceptive coverage by religious-affilated groups, Kaiser Health News reports. Last year, federal officials come up with a stopgap measure to address objections by churches… more »
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New Report Spotlights Excessive Out-of-Network Medical Bills

The New York Times looks at a report on the high cost of out-of-network health care, released today by the national trade association for the health insurance industry: “The report, by America’s Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP, contrasts some of the… more »