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We're Closed Labor Day, But Online Services Stay Open

Happy Labor Day from MedBen…we hope everyone enjoys the three-day weekend and sends out the summer on a high note! We’ll be closed on Monday, September 1 to celebrate the holiday and will reopen at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2.… more »


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More Benefits Info Digital, But Group, 1-on-1 Communication Still Popular

As our society increasingly equates “social” with “computer accessible", the methods we use to convey information has adapted accordingly. No surprise there. But how does that apply to communicating employee benefits? Employee… more »


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MedBen "Takes The Plunge" To Fight ALS

Apparently, there’s been some sort of “Ice Bucket Challenge” making the rounds these days. We’ve been pretty busy around the office, so we hadn’t taken much notice of it… but when our friends at Park National Bank… more »
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MedBen CDHP Solutions Offer Added Savings Potential

With an eye on controlling anticipated health care cost increases, an increasing number of employers are considering the addition of consumer-driven health plans to their group benefits package. And MedBen can help those employers control costs further… more »


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Obama Administration Attempts To Address Contraceptive Objections

In its latest effort to settle the ongoing controversy over contraceptive coverage, the Obama administration today proposed new measures to ensure that female employees of religious nonprofits and some “closed held” companies have free… more »


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Benefit vs. Risk At Heart Of PSA Debate

Opinion as to whether or not men should get tested for prostate cancer has seen a sizable shift of late. The general thinking that men age 50 and over should have an annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening has given way to a more cautious… more »


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Categories: News, Health Care Reform, Taxes

Employer Funding Of Individual Policies A Slippery (And Costly) Slope

Employers that offer tax-free individual major medical coverage through cafeteria plans may leave themselves open to significant adverse tax consequences, cautions a bulletin from the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation, a health care industry… more »


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MedBen Committed To Besting Health Care Price Trends

Health care prices nationwide have recently risen faster than general inflation, following an extended period of historically slow growth. But at MedBen, we’re committed to saving our clients money regardless of price trends. According to a new… more »


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With Worksite Wellness, Employers Can Help Control Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes is an ongoing epidemic in this country, and the future forecast doesn’t look much brighter. But a heightened focus on worksite wellness can help to improve the numbers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates… more »


  11:24:32 am, by MedBen5   , 223 words,  
Categories: News, Health Care Reform

IRS Adjusts Affordable Coverage Rate, Slightly

The IRS has made a minor adjustment to what constitutes group plan member affordability under the Affordable Care Act, Employee Benefit News reports. For plan years beginning in 2015, Revenue Procedure 2014-37 sets the new limit at 9.56% of employee… more »


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Add “Healthy Habits” to Your Trip Packing List

Hoping to squeeze in a weekend getaway or even an extended vacation before the summer ends? By practicing the same healthy habits on the road that you do back in the “real world,” you’re likely to have a better time on your adventure. Before you… more »


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Latest Aspirin Study Suggests Reduced Risk Of Multiple Cancers

For such a seemingly innocuous drug, aspirin has been endlessly analyzed and scrutinized, and alternately praised and criticized. And now comes the latest piece of evidence to add to the debate. According to AFP, researchers reviewed 200 clinical… more »


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Categories: News, Health Care Reform, Taxes

HHS Rethinks Two-Payment Requirement For Reinsurance Fee

A “final” Affordable Care Act rule issued earlier this year has been tweaked a bit, Business Insurance reports. The Department of Health and Human Services announced that rather than requiring employers to pay the Transitional Reinsurance… more »


  11:02:34 am, by MedBen5   , 225 words,  
Categories: News, Health Plan Management

Formal Deadline Set For ICD-10 Conversion

And this time we really, really mean it… The Department of Health and Human services have formally set a October 1, 2015, compliance date for conversion to ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure codes, Modern Healthcare reports. Originally scheduled to… more »