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Hospital Mortality Rates For Certain Conditions Good Gauge Of Overall Performance


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Hospital Mortality Rates For Certain Conditions Good Gauge Of Overall Performance

If your hospital of choice has a good track record for treating heart attack, pneumonia and congestive heart patients, chances are it also performs well for patients with other conditions – and these three mortality measures may be enough to identify high- and low-performing hospitals for patients and policymakers, Modern Healthcare reports.

An analysis of performance across more than 2,300 hospitals compared Medicare mortality rates for pneumonia and the two heart conditions for high- and low-performing hospitals with those for 19 medical and surgical conditions, such as stroke, renal failure, coronary artery bypass grafting and colon resection. It found the composite medical and surgical mortality rates was 3.6% lower, after adjusting for risk, among hospitals in the top performance quartile on the trio of Medicare mortality rates when compared with the worst-performing hospitals.

The correlation suggests there may be factors at work across an entire hospital – not just one department, such as cardiology– that improve quality outcomes, said study co-author Dr. Ashish Jha, a professor of health policy and management at Harvard University. “Leadership and culture probably matter a lot.”

Modern Healthcare noted that the ability to judge hospitals based on a limited set of factors would be a boon for patients, who would not have to wade through dozens of mortality statistics to find a suitable facility.

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