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A Physician States His Case For Rationing Health Care


  09:50:32 am, by MedBen5   , 177 words,  
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A Physician States His Case For Rationing Health Care

“PalMD”, an internal medicine physician, explains “Why I want to ration your health care“:

“In the U.S. we practice medicine with complete irrationality. There are thousands of lives that can be saved by simple practices that so many of us ignore. There are thousands more that can be saved by the proper use of medications.

“And yet we continue to pour money into a fantasy. We believe that a 95 year old with cancer just might be the one to survive the ICU, with just one more day on the ventilator, just one more round of dialysis. We believe that our own patient with pancreatic cancer might be the one who feels better on Gemzar. We believe we can cure our obesity-related disorders without exercise, without medicine, and without society-level interventions (it worked with smoking).

“The American medical system is an irrational fantasy, one in which we swoop down and cure one person’s problem at a time, forgetting that the system as a whole is making us all sick and broke.”


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