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A Principled Take On Health Care Reform


  01:18:43 pm, by MedBen5   , 235 words,  
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A Principled Take On Health Care Reform

In an ongoing series for the blog, orthopedic surgeon Mitchell Brooks, MD details his “Ten Principles for Healthcare Reform“. Some of his ideas, such as “changes should be made in small increments, easily understood by the People” would likely merit little objection. Others ("rationing is a logical outcome in any system with limited resources and high demand") would find their share of critics. But his arguments are well thought-out, and the series is definitely worth reading whether you agree with him or not.

Dr. Brooks’ latest column examines Principles #5 and #6: Improving efficiency and requiring Congress to live under our healthcare rules:

“First, medicine must be practiced in a manner and in a place that is consistent with economic efficiencies, evidence based outcomes and the needs of the specific community that it serves.

“In healthcare delivery, quantitative must be balanced by qualitative. Specific community needs and the culture of that particular community must have equal and in certain cases, greater value than the numeric and economic efficiencies that must be addressed…

“Next, all members of Congress, their dependents and all federal employees must live under the same healthcare rules that they themselves impose upon others…

“If you impose policy and rules upon those from whom you derive power, then you too need to follow those rules… Maybe then, just maybe, congressmen and senators will actually read the bills they pass and impose on us.”

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