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All MedBen Clients Can Benefit from Rx Solutions


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All MedBen Clients Can Benefit from Rx Solutions


MedBen Rx offers employers a better way to provide and manage prescription benefits, regardless of their size or industry type. Our pharmacy solutions counter inflated prescription list prices with common-sense reimbursement methods.

  • Self-funded employers can take advantage of the MedBen Rx Advocate difference. We make your prescription program totally transparent, with no margin manipulation or arbitrary average wholesale prices. Just the real cost the pharmacy pays plus an appropriate dispensing fee. MedBen passes 100% of paid rebates back to you… and with Rx Advocate, your rebates could even be better.
  • MedBen Rx Alliance is an innovative partnership program brings together the purchasing power of hospitals to certain qualified organizations, creating savings opportunities unmatched when compared to standard PBM pricing.

Regardless of what MedBen Rx program you use, your pharmacy plan will realize lower costs. MedBen clients save, on average, 11% or more compared to traditional plans that base their prices on the average wholesale price (AWP) price of a drug.

MedBen Rx leverages its prescription and benefits management expertise to make drug coverage beneficial to customers and communities. Find out how it can benefit your business by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683 or

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