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All Pharmacies Are Not Created Equal


  04:27:04 pm, by MedBen5   , 253 words,  
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All Pharmacies Are Not Created Equal

On the blog, Medical student Arvin Akhavan argues for a more transparent pharmaceutical pricing system:

“I consider myself well educated. I’m a college graduate and in the throes of professional school – in healthcare nonetheless. I have an open mind and I read quite a bit. But I still wouldn’t have guessed that Coumadin would cost my uninsured father in Texas $15 for thirty pills at CVS, but only $4 for the same number of tablets at Walmart (I can actually vouch for this number).

“I would have thought it was safe to assume that drug prices are comparable across the board. After all, that’s how it usually works, right? When I buy gum, I have faith that I won’t pay triple the price at one convenience store compared to another. But with pharmacies, this just isn’t the case. […]

“That’s why transparency is so important to the prescription medication consumer. Few of us have any idea as to how much drugs should cost. And, since many states don’t require their pharmacies to release their drug costs unless someone is buying them, the consumer has no convenient way of amassing the information it needs to choose from the options.”

MedBen agrees that the more information about drug prices, the better. That’s why we encourage our pharmacy plan members to visit RxEOB online, to check retail costs of thousands of brand name and generic medications. Simply log on to the MedBen Access website and click on “My Rx”.

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