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Are Wi-Fi Pills In Our Future?


  05:07:01 pm, by MedBen5   , 161 words,  
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Are Wi-Fi Pills In Our Future?

Pharmaceutical techology in the news that’s two parts “remarkable” and one part “odd"… a pill that electronically records when it’s been taken.

MedCity News reports that the Food and Drug Administration has approved what is being called America’s first smart pill system. Simply swallow the pill as normal, and a tiny ingestible sensor activates when it reaches the stomach. A companion wearable patch then marks the ingestion time and passes the information onto a mobile phone application, which in turn can be accessed by caregivers and clinicians.

The system has been tested in conjunction with such conditions as tuberculosis, mental health, heart failure, hypertension and diabetes, said CEO Andrew Thompson of Proteus Digital Health, the pill’s creator and manufacturer. Proteus hopes the system will help to improve the prescription compliance rate in the U.S., which is currently around 50%.

The battery-operated, wearable patch lasts seven days and also works as a heart rate monitor and can measure body temperature and activity.

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