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As Health Care Landscape Shifts, Consumer-driven Plans Thrive


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As Health Care Landscape Shifts, Consumer-driven Plans Thrive


From BenefitsPRO: "[Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)] are making a comeback, most notably among smaller employers (2 to 100), large employers (5,000+), and any size groups with historically low utilization. Their appeal may also increase as they as they appear to have the least impact on the Cadillac Tax thresholds since actual claims versus potential claims paid from the HRA are expected to be used in the calculations, assuming the Cadillac Tax survives."

In spite of an ever-changing health care landscape ‒ or, as BenefitsPRO notes above, sometimes because of it ‒ HRAs and other types of consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) continue to thrive and save employers money. MedBen Specialty Services has the experience to match the right CHDP with the needs of the employer.

Going back to the earliest days of HRAs as well as flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs), MedBen has provided expert support to employers and plan members. We review your group’s goals to help ensure that you achieve the savings you desire, and set the proper course for your health plan.

Once your CDHP is in place, our service team will give you the tools you need to promote it. Plus, we complement our services with online account management tools and debit cards that give plan members an easy way to pay for qualified expenses.

Regardless of how the landscape shifts, MedBen Specialty Services has the CDHP expertise to keep your plan on a firm foundation. Contact your MedBen broker Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at to learn more.

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