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Aspirin’s Risks Can Outweigh its Rewards


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Aspirin’s Risks Can Outweigh its Rewards


“An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away” is not one-size-fits-all advice. In fact, a new Harvard study reveals that only people with history of heart disease, prior history of heart attack, or certain groups of healthy people between the ages of 40 to 70 should take a daily aspirin to ward off cardiovascular disease.

Regular aspirin use carries multiple risks, including bleeding in the stomach, small intestine and brain. There are better ways to combat cardiovascular disease risk: A healthy diet, adequate exercise, and probably the most important mechanism for combatting cardiovascular health, regular screenings through your family physician – a key element of the MedBen WellLiving Primary Prevention program.

According to the Mayo Clinic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can damage your heart and blood vessels, but without testing for them, you probably won't know you have these conditions. Regular, consistent screenings with a family physician can help you monitor your numbers, notice changes and take action when necessary.

Find out more about how MedBen WellLiving can help your employees stay healthy by contacting our Marketing Department at 888-627-8683.

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