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At MedBen, Data Security is a Round-the-Clock Duty


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At MedBen, Data Security is a Round-the-Clock Duty

Wendell Crain

Two high-profile health care companies recently reported data breaches that put the security of personal medical information at risk. Such incidents are all too common these days... and demonstrate why MedBen maintains a multi-tiered approach to protecting client data.

From the earliest days of electronic recordkeeping, MedBen put in place tape backups and other measures to keep your information safe. Today, we enlist a wide variety of external, internal, and physical safeguards to protect your data. We also regularly consult with security professionals to ensure that we are taking every possible action to stay ahead of potential dangers.

MedBen strives to be proactive in all areas of your data protection. But should new opportunities to improve security present themselves, MedBen will immediately take the appropriate measures to implement them.

When you place your trust in MedBen, we pledge to never take that trust for granted. Clients with questions regarding our cybersecurity measures are welcome to contact our Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Privacy Officer Wendell Crain at 800-423-3151, ext. 505 or

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