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Battling Back Against Rising Rx Costs


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Battling Back Against Rising Rx Costs

Pill Bottles and Drugs

Rising prescription costs may be an unavoidable reality of our health care system, but that doesn’t mean that consumers have to take the high prices at face value. This Wall Street Journal article offers some good ideas on how to keep out-of-pocket Rx expenses in check.

Asking your physician about generic alternatives to brand medications is always a good first step. Never assume that the prescription you’re given represents your best value. And with more and more discount stores and pharmacy chains boasting $4 generics to draw in business, it’s definitely to your financial advantage to check out what’s available!

Another money-saving alternative, not mentioned in the article, is the growing number of previous prescription-only medications, such as Claritin and Prilosec, now available in over-the-counter versions. Employers are increasingly covering most, if not all, of the cost for these OTC drugs, so long as a physician prescribes them.

For MedBen clients who use PDM for prescription management, you can also gather a good deal of information from our RxEOB website. This handy online service provides a variety of useful features, such as reviewing your medication history, reading detailed drug information, and comparing prices of equivalent generic or lower cost alternative drugs. To visit RxEOB, simply go to and click on “Online Client Services”, select “MedBen Access”, log in and click on “My Rx”.

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