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Before Helping Clients, MedBen GSRs Get Educated


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Before Helping Clients, MedBen GSRs Get Educated

Megan MIller and Heidi Smith

Your MedBen group service representatives (GSRs) know your plan, your employee population, and your health care goals. But GSRs don’t become experts in serving clients and consultants overnight – it requires the right people getting the proper training.

MedBen always first looks to hire from within, and the GSR team is certainly no exception. Most of our current GSRs started in our Customer Service department, while others have worked in Administration, Specialty Services, and various other areas of the company.

For those GSRs who are new to MedBen when they're hired, prior experience in health benefits is encouraged... and even then, they first undergo several months of customer service training, learning how to use our systems while honing their service skills.

Whether a GSR is a MedBen veteran or a newcomer, before they can "fly solo," they first receive additional instruction from our Client Services Supervisor. This includes reviewing and responding to client voice mails, then finally taking live calls while the Supervisor monitors the conversation.

Following this extensive education, there's still one more piece of initiation: A GSR doesn't become a full-fledged team member until they've successfully helped a new group through enrollment, or a current group with their renewal.

Finally, regardless of how many years of experience our GSRs have, the training never really ends. New processes, services, and client matters are discussed at weekly team meetings, to ensure that the people who work directly with our clients can provide accurate and up-to-date information.

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