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Biggest Concerns for Self-funded Employers in 2013


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Biggest Concerns for Self-funded Employers in 2013

Health consultants Mercer has put together a list of priorities for self-funded employers in 2013. Not surprisingly, looming changes under the Affordable Care Act will likely play a signficant role in the decision-making process this year. Among the larger concerns:

Prepare for 2014 requirements under health care reform. In 2014, employers will be required to offer qualified health coverage to all employees working 30 or more hours per week – so in 2013 they need to determine who those employees are and whether their health plan qualifies. They also need to inform employees about the new state exchanges.

Evaluate the level of benefits provided. As employers are asked to cover more individuals, they are reconsidering the level of benefits they provide and how much they contribute to the cost. Providing employees with a lower-cost plan (like a consumer-directed health plan) as the core benefit and giving them the option to pay more for richer coverage is one approach gaining momentum.

Ramp up health management programs for long-term savings. Most employers have some type of wellness or health management program, but is it achieving all it can? Employers should consider offering employees incentives to participate – the payoff is a healthier, higher-performing workforce. Social media’s networking capabilities offer new ways to build engagement.

You can read the complete list at Employee Benefits News.

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