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Biggest? Nope. Best? That’s the Goal.


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Biggest? Nope. Best? That’s the Goal.

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High-profile health care companies continue to buy each other in an effort to be “biggest and best.” Meanwhile, MedBen continues to grow as it has for over 80 years... by providing clients with superior benefits management services.

A quick recap: Anthem Health will soon launch its own pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company called IngenioRx, in partnership with CVS Health (which is also a PBM, but separate from IngenioRx). On March 1 Anthem will end its relationship with current PBM Express Scripts... which itself was recently acquired by the health insurer Cigna. And not to be left out, CVS Health is in the process of buying health insurer Aetna. (Got that?)

Why all the wheeling and dealing? In a word, money... specifically, your money. PBMs are buying major insurers with the huge profits they earn from their clients, much of in the form of spread between what they claim to pay for a drug (the client's cost) and what they actually pay the pharmacy.

In contrast, MedBen is steadfast in its desire to remain independent. We are accountable to the needs of our clients and policyholders. The only way that we succeed is to make sure that you succeed as well, with sound benefits management solutions that help your plan members stay healthy while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Furthermore, we believe that our independence enables us to innovate and introduce new ideas more quickly. This includes our recent rollout of MedBen Rx, a pharmacy program that essentially takes PBM out of the equation by ensuring that the client pays a fair cost for medications. No spread to conceal the real price.

We may not be the biggest, but MedBen strives to be the best by helping you be your best. Learn more by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683 or

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