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Birth Control Pills Less Effective Than Longer-Term Methods


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Birth Control Pills Less Effective Than Longer-Term Methods

Reuters reports that long-acting birth control methods are much more effective at preventing pregnancies than pills and other short-acting alternatives, a new study suggests.

“We found that participants using oral contraceptive pills, a transdermal patch or a vaginal ring had a risk of contraceptive failure that was 20 times as high as the risk among those using long-acting reversible contraception,” said the research team, led by Dr. Brooke Winner of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Long-term contraception methods include intrauterine devices (IUDs), hormone shots and skin implants.

Researchers allowed 7,500 women and teens from the St. Louis area to choose from a variety of contraceptive methods at no cost. Follow-up interviews were conducted for three years – and in the span, participants had a total of 334 unplanned pregnancies.

Age factored into the rate of unintended pregnancies: Women under 21 who used pills and other shi\ort-acting methods had almost twice as many unintended pregnancies as older women who used those methods, the researchers reported.

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