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Brokers Say Health Reform Negatively Impacting Their Clients


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Brokers Say Health Reform Negatively Impacting Their Clients

The Affordable Care Act is apparently having an unintended impact on employers, MedCity News reports. In a National Association of Health Underwriters survey of almost 2,400 insurance agents and brokers, more than half of the respondents state that some of their clients have dropped coverage altogether due to rising costs attributable to new health reform laws, while 70% have seen clients decrease the amount of coverage they provide.

And brokers say the bad news doesn’t stop there. Many claim that health reform has caused their clients to eliminate jobs or cut back on hiring. Additionally, a handful of the brokers report laying off employees and reducing product offerings from their own agencies.

Granted, asking brokers and agents about their clients’ motives likely skews the negative responses to a degree. But as most are in regular contact with a variety of businesses, this survey at least offers an early hint as to employers’ attitudes about health care reform. And as the ACA recently marked its one-year anniversary, it’s likely that we’ll soon see some survey results directly from the employers themselves.

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