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  03:43:03 pm, by MedBen5   , 166 words,  
Categories: Announcements, Prescription, Health Plan Management

2013 MedBen Formularies Now Available

Formulary updates for prescription plans administered by Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI) are now available at the Forms area of The new formularies become effective January 1, 2013. If you still need a 2012 formulary, they will be… more »


  10:03:37 am, by MedBen5   , 225 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Health Plan Management

Generic Drug Prices Down, While Brand Costs Are Rising

A new report reveals that costs of brand-name medications and their generic equivalents are on very different trajectories. A study by the pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts of commonly-used medicines found that brand-name drugs increaased more… more »


  05:55:50 pm, by MedBen5   , 213 words,  
Categories: Prescription, Wellness, Health Plan Management

Do Your End-of-Year Benefit Planning Now

As 2012 quickly winds down, The Los Angles Times has put together some end-of-year tips to maximize your health care benefits. Among them: Make the most of your deductibles. If you’ve met your annual deductible for 2012, now may be a good time… more »


  10:29:19 am, by MedBen5   , 229 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Health Plan Management

"Use-It-Or-Lose-It" Time Fast Approaching For FSA Members

A Wall Street Journal article serves as a convenient reminder to flexible spending account members that we’re fast approaching “use-it-or-lose-it” time for any remaining funds. Qualified medical purchases made on or before December… more »


  11:53:30 am, by MedBen5   , 155 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

FDA Closes Down 18,000 Illegal Pharmacy Websites

If the information superhighway feels a little safer to navigate lately, thank the Food and Drug Administration. Working with international regulatory and law enforcement agencies from about 100 countries, the FDA has taken action against more than… more »


  09:35:37 am, by MedBen5   , 198 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Some Drugs Found To Be Effective Long Past Expiration Dates

Could extending the shelf life of prescription drugs help to lower health care costs? According to Reuters Health, Lee Cantrell – director of the California Poison Control System, San Diego Division, and a professor of clinical pharmacy at… more »


  10:15:06 am, by MedBen5   , 153 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

FDA Withdraws Approval Of Generic Antidepressant

According to WebMD, the Food and Drug Administration has announced that a generic version of the extended-relief antidepressant Wellbutrin XL doesn’t work correctly, and as such, has withdrawn its approval. Budeprion XL 150-mg tablets were… more »


  06:29:29 pm, by MedBen5   , 199 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Health Plan Management

MedBen University: Zaenger Spotlights Specialty Drug Problem

Allan Zaenger, President of Pharmaceutical Horizons, discussed “The Specialty Drug Dilemma” at a recent MedBen University. As Zaenger explained, even though generic dispensing has helped to keep price increases in check, the combination of… more »


  05:19:50 pm, by MedBen5   , 261 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

FDA Warns Rx Users Of Online Fraud, Phone Scams

The Food and Drug Administration recently alerted prescription drug users to two different types of consumer deception: Associated Press: “The [FDA] is warning U.S. consumers that the vast majority of Internet pharmacies are fraudulent and likely… more »


  04:56:47 pm, by MedBen5   , 258 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Dispose Of Unused Drugs On "Take-Back" Day

Before you settle in for an afternoon of college football on the tube this weekend, you may want to first take a few minutes performing a worthwhile task: Gather up your unneeded or expired medications and participate in National Prescription Drug… more »


  05:49:38 pm, by MedBen5   , 214 words,  
Categories: Prescription, Health Plan Management

Shifting The Focus On Health Care Reform

Peter Pitts of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest makes the argument that a health care reform is most effective with a smaller focus – but that there are lessons to be learned from one particular federal program: “One of the… more »


  10:19:26 am, by MedBen5   , 140 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

1 In 4 Drug-Related Deaths Linked To "Doctor Shopping"

“Doctor shopping", the practice of visiting multiple physicians to get prescriptions, raises one’s risk of an accidental overdose, HealthDay News reports. A study by the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy found that, in reviewing a… more »


  10:17:01 am, by MedBen5   , 227 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Generic Drug Savings Reach A Record Level

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association offers some numbers that demonstrate how generic prescription drugs have affected costs: Savings from their use has risen to the rate of nearly $1 billion every two days. In 2011, generic use saved consumers $193… more »


  07:43:01 am, by MedBen5   , 235 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Incentives Encourage Patients To Take Medications, Research Finds

Slowly but surely, incentives are becoming a cornerstone of modern health care. Insurance plan members receive financial allurements and other carrots to lose weight, stop smoking or get regular preventive care. But how would this idea work for users of… more »


  07:43:05 am, by MedBen5   , 301 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

New Obesity Drugs Raise Questions For Doctors

People hoping for a bit of pharmaceutical help for their weight problem may have been heartened to learn about the recent FDA approval of two obesity drugs, Qsymia and Belviq. But questions remain about the drugs’ effectiveness, and whether… more »


  03:52:01 pm, by MedBen5   , 218 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Drugmakers Offer Coupons To Stem Generic Defections

As more popular brand-name prescription drugs become available in generic form, drug companies are ramping up the efforts to maintain loyalty from long-time users – even if their product is more expensive. Hence, the increasing popularity of… more »


  04:57:21 pm, by MedBen5   , 185 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription

Prescription-free Online Viagra Mostly Fake, Study Finds

For those men touchy about the subject of sexual dysfunction, the ability to buy Viagra online without a doctor’s prescription is likely an appealing prospect. But a new study warns would-be customers against the idea. According to MedPage Today,… more »


  04:57:05 pm, by MedBen5   , 193 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Wellness

FDA Approves HIV Drug For Daily Use

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a once-a-day pill to treat the virus that causes AIDS, according to AFP (via Yahoo! Health). The new pill, Stribild, is actually a combination of the previously approved drug Truvada and two new ones,… more »


  04:58:18 pm, by MedBen5   , 182 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Health Plan Management

Fortysomethings May Spend $1.7 Million On Retirement Health Care Costs

Sobering numbers for anyone currently saving for their golden years: Health care consulting firm HVS Financials estimates that a healthy moderate-income couple of 45-year-olds can expect to spend $1.7 million on health care over their retirement years.… more »


  11:30:13 am, by MedBen5   , 235 words,  
Categories: News, Prescription, Wellness

A Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Cancer, Recent Studies Find

Depending on which scientist you talk to, aspirin is either a versatile wellness aid or an overrated pill best left to relieve minor aches and pains. The latest study on the effects of the drug suggests that its benefits may include helping to ward off… more »

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