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FDA Approves Late-stage Prostate Cancer Drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Xofigo, a drug for men in the advanced stages of prostate cancer, HealthDay News reports (via WebMD). Targeted to patients with late-stage, metastatic disease that has spread to the bones but not to… more »


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Rx Spending Falls For First Time In Six Decades, Report Says

Last year witnessed a number of popular brand name prescription drugs losing their patent protection – a circumstance that led to a decrease in U.S. pharmaceutical spending for the first time since 1957, a new report concludes. According to The… more »


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FDA Approves Over-The-Counter Plan B Contraceptive For Women 15 And Up

Women and girls 15 years and older with a valid ID will be able to buy Plan B One-Step over the counter, MedPage Today reports. Previously, girls under the age of 17 required a prescription to purchase the emergency contraceptive. In its announcement… more »


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Cancer Specialists Call For More Sensible Drug Pricing

Some influential cancer specialists have had it up to here with the high cost of prescription drugs, and have banded together to make their case to pharmaceutical companies, The New York Times reports. In a commentary published in the journal of the… more »


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FDA Offers Greater Transparency Through New Patient Website

To give Americans the opportunity to get a closer look at how medications receive government approval, the Food and Drug Administration this week launched a new website called the FDA Patient Network. According to MedCity News, the site serves as… more »


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Some Newer Generics No Bargain, At First

Leslie Ramirez, an internal medicine physician, observes that the price of some prescription drugs don’t drop much when they become first available in generic form – and considers why this is so: “Patients are used to paying a high… more »


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Experts Consider FDA OxyContin Decision

Experts are weighing in on the announcement by the Food and Drug Administration earlier this week that drugmakers cannot produce generic versions of OxyContin, NPR reports. Because Purdue Pharma replaced its original version in 2010 with a more… more »


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FDA Says "No" To Generic OxyContin, For Now

The painkiller drug OxyContin will not be available in less expensive form anytime soon, following a Food and Drug Administration announcement yesterday that it would not approve generic versions of its original formulation. The New York Times reports… more »


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Lower Rx Bill Through Generics, Not By Skipping Doses

While the U.S. slowly recovers from the recession, many Americans look for ways to trim their budgets – and not every cost-cutting decision is in their best interest. According to Pharmalot, nearly 13% of adults between the ages of 18 and 64 have… more »


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Drug Companies Tighten Belt On Doctor Freebies

“[Drugmakers] Pfizer Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline PLC last year reduced payments to U.S. doctors by double-digit percentages, spending less money on dinners and other events where expert doctors are paid to give presentations to peers about drugs and… more »


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Morning Sickness Pill Makes A Belated Return

Three decades after it was removed from the shelves, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a return of the only drug specifically designated to treat morning sickness, the Associated Press reports. Once called Bendectin and now renamed… more »


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Some Drugmaker Reps Tight-Lipped About Side Effects, Doctors Say

A new study of family doctors finds that 59% of drug company representatives typically share little to no information about their products’ side effects, according to HealthDay News (via WebMD). Additionally, salespeople tend not to warn doctors… more »


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Regulations Artificially Inflate Drug Costs

Compared to hospital and physician care, prescription drug therapy is an inexpensive way to treat illnesses – but still not as cost-effective as it could be. The National Center for Policy Analysis has identified several “Unnecessary Regulations… more »


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Judge Rules For Greater Access To Emergency Contraceptives

A federal judge ruled last week that the goverment must make the so-called “morning after” pill – an emergency contraceptive – available to all women regardless of age, HealthDay News (via WebMD) reports. Judge Edward Korman of… more »


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Drug Shortages Force Patients To Seek Out Alternatives

Nearly a year ago, we noted on this blog that the problem of drug shortages, which reached record numbers in 2011, had shown signs of improvement. And while that may still be the case, some patients and pharmacies still struggle to procure needed… more »


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The Hospital That Refused To Carry An Expensive Drug -- And Why

David Kesterbuam of NPR shares the story of a hospital that dared to say “no” to a pricey new cancer drug, for a simple – and perfectly logical – reason: “Last year, a new drug called Zaltrap was approved as a kind of… more »


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FDA Approves First-in-Class Diabetes Drug

With the rise in U.S. diabetes cases – and correspondingly, its costs – it comes as no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry has stepped up its efforts to control the condition. And last week, the Food and Drug Administration approved a… more »


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Comparison Shopping Can Pay Off For Prescription Drug Patients

You can save some serious cash on prescription drugs if you shop around a bit, concluded a new secret shopping study by Consumer Reports. Katie Moisse of ABC News reports: “The magazine called more than 200 pharmacies across the country to request… more »


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Former Generic Drug Manager Offers Peek Behind The Scenes

A former drug purchasing manager for Kaiser Permanente provides “An Insider’s View of Generic-drug Pricing“, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times: “Bob Toomajian worked for 16 years as Kaiser Permanente’s drug purchasing… more »


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Congressional Bill Wants Greater Restrictions On Painkillers

Prescription painkillers could be more difficult to obtain if new legislation successfully wotks its way through Congress. Called the Safe Prescribing Act, the bill would move medications that contain hydrocodone, such as Vicodin, from a Schedule III… more »

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