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FDA Rejects Weight-loss Drug

It’s one step forward, two steps back for diet drug manufacturers. After the advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration endorsed the weight-loss pill Contrave in December, the common wisdom that final approval by the FDA was a near… more »


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What Does a Drug's Expiration Date Mean?

The Slate website examines the question of whether drugs are still effective after their stated expiration dates, and answers with a definite “well, maybe". As the article notes, a medication’s expiration date is not the day it stops… more »


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Allegra OKed by FDA for OTC Sales

Allegra will soon be available without a prescription, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The Food and Drug Adminstration has given the green light to sell the popular allergy drug over the counter beginning in March. Allegra – as well as its… more »


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Ohio Pharmacy Board Restricts Rx Transfers To One Per Year

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has made a rule change affecting the transfer of prescriptions. Effective January 1, 2011, a patient may transfer a prescription to a different pharmacy only once per year. The rule does not apply to electronically… more »


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Use Caution When Splitting Pills, Researchers Suggest

Take care when you’re splitting pills if you’re making the cut to reduce your dosage. According to, a study featured in the January issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing finds that there’s a fine line between a… more »


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Pharmacy Organization Proposes Drug Label Changes

Most doctors and pharmacists do their best to ensure that patients understand drug dosage, but that doesn’t always make the instructions on the pill bottle any more comprehensible. To hopefully make things clearer, the U.S. Pharmacopeial… more »


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Rx Coupons May Spur Higher Health Care Costs

The New York Times reports that pharmaceutical companies are increasingly providing patients with co-payment cards and coupons in an effort to steer them toward brand name drugs and away from their generic equivalents. Such discounts serve to mask the… more »


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FSA OTC Deadline Reminder; IRS Revises Debit Card Rule

An almost-last-minute reminder: December 31 is the final day that FSA and HRA participants can use their account funds to pay for over-the-counter drugs without a prescription. So if you have an outstanding balance on your FSA, now is the time to stock… more »


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2011 MedBen Drug Formularies Available Online

Formulary updates for prescription plans administered by Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI) are now available at the Forms area of The new formularies become effective January 1, 2011. If you still need a 2010 formulary, they will be… more »


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Professional Tips For Saving Patient Rx Dollars

On the blog, primary care physician Dr.Leslie Ramirez provides some smart financial advice for patients to heed when their doctors prescribe medications: Price compare between pharmacies. All pharmacies are not created equal. Prices can… more »


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Failing The Drug Compliance Test

A Boston Globe editorial comments on the problem of patients who don’t comply with their doctors’ prescriptions. Upwards of 40-60% of people with such chronic conditions as high blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetes fail to take their… more »


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One-Quarter of 2008 Medicaid Rx Expenditures Went Toward Unapproved Drugs: Report

The Pharmalot website blog summarizes a Medicaid report just released by the Office of Inspector General of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Reviewing 2008 records, the OIG found that approximately 38% of drugs paid for by Medicaid were… more »


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Pharmaceutical Companies Exploring Personalized Medicine

Drug makers are about to get personal… or so says a new report from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development at Tufts University. A survey of large and small pharmaceutical companies found that all were exploring personalized medicine to… more »


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Dispose of Your Unused Medications Safely

The National Community Pharmacists Association says that about a third of the 4 billion prescriptions filled anually go unused. Consumer Reports offers recommendations for their safe disposal (as reported in The Washington Post). “DON’T… more »


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FSA OTC Purchase Period Winding Down

We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating as the year winds down: Effective January 1, 2011, flexible spending account (FSA) funds can no longer be used to pay for over-the counter medications without a prescription. This includes such… more »


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Do Your Medicare D Homework

A Los Angeles Times article reminds Medicare D (prescription drug program) recipients that with the annual sign-up period approaching, it’s a smart move to start reviewing options. Many plans are available (33 per state, on average) and the… more »


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Medical Cost Trends Projected to Hold Steady in 2011, Survey Says

Medical benefit plan cost trends in 2011 will remain relatively consistent with the past two years, according to The Segal Company’s annual cost trends survey. The projected trend rates for preferred provider organizations (PPOs) in 2011 are… more »


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PBMs Analyzing Prescription Use to Anticipate Health Issues

Express Scripts and other pharmacy benefit managers are experimenting with “data diving” as a way to predict what prescription drug users are likely to skip doses or develop complications down the road. By examining such factors as… more »


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Prescription Drug Use Rose in Past Decade, Says CDC Report

Prescription drug use across the U.S. continues to increase, according to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Over the past decade, the percentage of Americans who took at one prescribed medication in the past month… more »


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MedBen delivers $976,000 in quarterly pharmacy rebates to clients

MedBen is writing checks to self-funded clients totaling more than $976,000 for quarterly pharmacy rebates this week. And while it may seem routine for MedBen clients, it is far from the norm in the pharmacy benefit management world. In fact, many… more »


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Greater Acceptance of Generics Helps Reduce Rx Cost Increases

The stigma against generic prescription drugs continues to wane as consumers become more educated about their similarities to brand name medications and cost-saving advantages. Employee Benefits News cites a CVS Caremark report that found the generic… more »


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Know Your Multiple Medications

A recent Employee Benefits News article examines the growing problem of “polypharmacy” – administering multiple medications for the same condition. Often this occurs when patients go to more than one doctor or pharmacy, leading to… more »


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Employers Demanding Transparency from PBMs

Employee Benefit News reports that rising prescription drug costs are spurring employers to push pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) harder than ever for greater transparency and maximum rebates on generic and brand-name medications. But for MedBen… more »


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2010 MedBen Drug Formularies Available Online

Formulary updates for prescription plans administered by Pharmacy Data Management (PDM) are now available at the Forms area of The new formularies become effective January 1, 2010. If you still need a 2009 formulary, they will be available… more »


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Debit Cards Give A Boost to CDHPs

Debit cards have gradually overtaken checks as the payment method of choice, so it should come as no surprise that their acceptance is spurring the popularity of consumer-driven health plans. This article on the Employee Benefits News website sites an… more »


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Health Care Industry Facing Medicare Cuts

While Congress labors to hash out a workable overhaul of the health care system, President Obama is pushing cost savings through Medicare cuts to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical specialists – just part of a proposed $313 billion health… more »


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New IRS Regulations Affect FSA Debit Card Users

This week, MedBen will mail letters to plan participants who use MedBen “Benny” debit cards with their flexible spending accounts (FSAs) notifying them of a change that will affect where they can make health product purchases. In accordance… more »


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Value of "unique" MedBen services: over $19 per employee per month

If MedBen partially self-funded clients use MedBen’s proprietary prescription drug program and the AWAC claim cost control program they will save an average of $19 per employee per month over MedBen competitors. This is above and beyond network… more »


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Generic Drug Use Hits New High - MedBen Clients Beat Average

Generic drug use in pharmacy benefit plans reached an average of 60.4% in 2008 according to the Takeda Prescription Drug Benefit Cost and Plan Design Report, 2008-2009 edition. MedBen clients experienced generic drug use averaging nearly 10% greater… more »


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Breaking Down Drug Costs

Just how do pharmaceutical companies price their products? As this article in the Employee Benefit News reveals, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and it involves quite a bit of number-crunching. Multiple considerations go into the drug pricing… more »


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Battling Back Against Rising Rx Costs

Rising prescription costs may be an unavoidable reality of our health care system, but that doesn’t mean that consumers have to take the high prices at face value. This Wall Street Journal article offers some good ideas on how to keep… more »


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Dog Days of Summer for Drug Makers

It’s turning out to be a less-than-sunny summer for members of the pharmaceutical industry. On the heels of their voluntary ban on promotional items for doctors, prescription drug companies are dealing with extra-strength headaches both external… more »


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Generics and the "Pass-through" Principle

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports on the practice of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) marking up the prices of generic drugs. The PBMs negotiate discounts with pharmacies, but rather than passing the full value of the discounts onto clients,… more »


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End of an era

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports that a new code of conduct among drugmakers may bring an end to free pens, pads and coffee mugs. more »


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ETHEX Corporation Voluntary Drug Recall

The ETHEX Corporation has announced that it is voluntarily recalling several lots of its 30mg and 60mg morphine sulfate extended-release tablets. The recalled lots were distributed to pharmacies between June, 2006 and May, 2008. The recall is due to… more »


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FDA Issues Advisory on Chantix

The Wall Street Journal reports on the recent Chantix advisory issued by the FDA. more »


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Towers Perrin releases 2008 Cost Survey

Expect health care costs to rise by an average of 6%, says Towers Perrin in their 2008 Health Care Cost Survey (available here). Most of MedBen’s stop-loss carriers are using a 13%-15% trend and MedBen Mutual is using a 15.5% medical trend.… more »


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Pharmacy Pricing - what is AWP, how will it change and what can you do?

Segal Co. offers a good overview of the effect of the class action lawsuit related to drug pricing. You can get the summary from Segal’s website here. As Segal notes, the calculation for Average Wholesale Pricing, or AWP, was determined to… more »


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Generic profit margins (or lack thereof) begin to take effect

Walgreen’s third quarter earnings were a good reflection of the general trend of tighter prescription drug margins. According to a posting on The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog, “Despite higher revenues, Walgreen’s net income… more »

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