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CBO: Court Ruling Will Cut Costs But Add To Uninsured


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CBO: Court Ruling Will Cut Costs But Add To Uninsured

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently reported that the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act will save about $84 billion, but also means that 3 million more people will lack health insurance.

According to The Hill’s Healthwatch blog, the two changes result from the court’s decision that states must be allowed to opt out of the health care reform law’s Medicaid expansion.

CBO also estimated that a complete repeal of the ACA would increase federal deficits by $109 billion in 10 years, though that did mark a reduction from a previous estimate of $210 billion.

Both political parties found partisan ammunition in the report:

  • “Our Republicans keep talking about repealing the deficit, but they’ve now voted more than 30 times to bore a hole in the deficit by more than $100 billion,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).
  • “CBO exposed the president’s partisan health law for what it is: a massive expansion of government paid for with over a trillion dollars in tax increases, while increasing costs on the backs of middle-class families, job creators and states during the worst economic downturn in a generation,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Ut.) said in a statement.

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