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CDHPs Demonstrate Continued Popularity


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CDHPs Demonstrate Continued Popularity

According to the 2012 Annual Survey of Employer Health Benefits by the Kaiser Family Foundation (and as reported by John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog), nearly one-third of businesses that provide health coverage offer a consumer-driven health plan option. Cuurently, about one in five covered workers are enrolled in an CDHP.

The continuing popularity of CHDPs is no mystery. CDHPs offer workable solutions that provide adequate employee coverage while keeping budgets tight and the business cost-competitive.

MedBen Specialty Services remains on the cutting edge of the CDHP movement by offering a complete product line for the self-funded, split-funded and fully insured employer. By properly integrating a CDHP into the health care plan, a business can address the employee’s desire for choice along with the employer’s need for savings.

MedBen has developed a series of CDHP solutions with demonstrated employer savings. To learn more, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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