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Claims-Based Wellness Approach Pays Healthy Dividends


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Claims-Based Wellness Approach Pays Healthy Dividends

heart and EKG

Unlike traditional wellness programs that require employees to complete imprecise and unreliable health risk assessments, MedBen WellLiving takes a claims-based approach. And that distinction makes a big difference on the long-term success – and savings – of your program.

Right at the start, MedBen WellLiving uses claims data analysis to identify plan members that could benefit from specialized nurse coaching. Likewise, our “physician first” emphasis not only eliminates the redundancies of on-site biometric screenings, it provides data for future analyses.

Additionally, WellLiving clients get ongoing wellness progress reports, such as the prevalence of chronic conditions and the costs of treating disease states within the population. They also receive compliance rates for early detection testing... again, based solely on the group's claims data.

Why does all this matter? By having a wellness program built on actual claims data and timely reporting, employers are better positioned to see where the program is working, and where incentives may be focused to improve compliance, thereby creating a healthier population

As for the savings, the numbers speak for themselves: From 2014 to 2016, WellLiving clients experienced an average claims cost trend of just 1.6%... just a fraction of national trend.

Learn more about the ways MedBen WellLiving can benefit your business by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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