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Closing The "Care Gap" Improves Workplace Health, Lowers Costs


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Closing The "Care Gap" Improves Workplace Health, Lowers Costs

Among the keys to reducing health care costs is reducing the “care gap” that results from plan members missing recommended wellness exams and screenings. MedBen, in conjunction with Verisk Health, offers a unique reporting platform that calculates a group’s Care Gap Index (CGI) – a score that assesses the type and degree of care gaps for individuals in a population.

Using a Predictive Modeling System, MedBen clients can see for themselves the potential economic impact of closing care gaps. The smaller the CGI, the higher the likelihood of a healthier workforce – which, in turn, increases productivity while improving your bottom line.

Furthermore, reducing the care gap can theoretically add years to the lives of your employees. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that nearly one-quarter of the deaths from cardiovascular disease could be prevented with basic lifestyle changes. By knowing where care gaps exist and encouraging plan members to schedule regular checkups, you can help your employees avoid heart disease, stroke and other serious conditions.

To learn more about how MedBen can help your group detect and close care gaps – and how advanced reporting tools will allow you to calculate the resultant savings – please contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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