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Colorful Food, Colorful Life


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Colorful Food, Colorful Life

healthy eating

Birthdays… we love them when we’re younger, then slowly start to dread them as the numbers get higher and higher. As we age, so does our body and our organs – so it’s important to keep them in great condition as the years pass.

To do that, people are always searching for the latest and greatest miracle pill or cosmetic procedure to help prevent signs of aging. But rather than hoping for an artificial “fix,” MedBen recommends going back to the basics and looking at diet.

Diet plays a key role in how our body and organs age, and what you put in it is what you get out of it. If you want to live a colorful life, with radiant skin and good organs, you should eat colorful foods such as leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and fish. If you want a dull life, eat bland foods such as chocolates, lots of red meats, and dark pop.

For example: Lutein, found in dark leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and collards, as well as in peas and corn, is an important natural antioxidant that helps maintain healthy eyes and supports brain health as we age. It’s also shown that people who at least three servings of vegetables a day reduce yearly their brain deterioration by nearly 40%.

Antioxidant-rich foods seem to have a protective effect for the skin. These foods include items such as carrots, tomatoes, berries, and salmon. And for the heart, in addition to the foods listed above, oatmeal or a handful of nuts every day are good at preventing heart disease over the years. Oh, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, a small amount of dark chocolate (at long as it is at least 70% cocoa) is also considered “heart-healthy”.

Bottom line… to keep young and healthy, add some color to your life!

Read more about healthy foods at the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic.

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