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Cost Trends, Wellness and Health Reform Among Government Roundtable Topics


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Cost Trends, Wellness and Health Reform Among Government Roundtable Topics

Sue Wadley, Licking County Government HR Director

Representatives from Ohio and Indiana municipalities were in attendance at MedBen’s 5th Annual Employer Roundtable for Government Health Plans on April 28. Held at the MedBen home office, this year’s free program explored a wide range of topics, from innovations in medical intelligence reporting to an update on health care reform and how new laws will affect government employers.

MedBen Senior Vice President Kurt Harden opened the roundtable with a discussion of key performance measures in MedBen’s government business block. Incorporating such factors as claims dollar and volume and claims distribution, Kurt analyzed cost and utilization trends and offered strategies to minimize future cost increases. Russ Jehs, Vice President of Transplant Product Management of Medical Excess, followed Kurt with a description of his company’s fully-insured, first-dollar organ and tissue transplant carve-out for self-funded groups.

“Wellness in the Workplace” was the theme of the next two presenters. Blair Pickerill of MedBen and Sue Wadley of Licking County Government led a discussion of how MedBen Worksite Wellness, with its emphasis on preventive care and individual coaching, is helping to improve employee health while reducing critical care spending. Following Blair and Sue was Brian Fargus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of MedBen, who gave an overview of Sightlines Medical Intelligence, a predictive modeling and data analytics platform recently introduced to MedBen clients. Sightlines will enable organizations to understand and manage health care risk, while also developing early interventions for the purpose of mitigating that risk.

Caroline Fraker, MedBen Vice President of Compliance, concluded the Goverment Roundtable with a update on the Affordable Care Act. She recapped the first year of government health care reform and highlighted upcoming employer responsibilities as well as court challenges and repeal efforts.

Additional seminars will be offered by MedBen in the coming months – check this blog regularly for updates. If you’re interested in hosting a MedBen University, please contact Sales Analyst Sally Wood at (800) 423-3151, ext. 502.

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