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Dental Coverage Following Health Reform Still A Question Mark


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Dental Coverage Following Health Reform Still A Question Mark

Dental benefits get little mention in both the Patient Protection Act and Reconcilation Act, according to an article in Employee Benefit News. MedBen Vice President of Caroline Fraker concurs that the dental language in the health reform act is sparse: “Some sections of the act specifically exclude dental services from certain health provisions, but most are just silent on the subject.”

The most noteworthy exclusion at this point is that “Cadillac” dental plans (vision, too) will not be subject to the same tax as medical benefits, nor will dental benefit costs be factored into overall health plan expenses. As this reduces the likelihood that employees would drop dental coverage to maintain a more tax-advantageous health plan, the exception came as good news to the dental industry.

At the moment, only children’s dental coverage has been deemed an “essential” health benefit and must, as of January 1, 2014, be included in a standard benefits package – which brings up the possibility of adults cancelling their dental coverage since their children’s teeth will be covered under a standard health plan.

As with medical benefits, MedBen will continue to follow developments in dental and other ancillary coverages and post updates on this blog. At the moment, however, we have no plans to make any changes to our dental offerings based on current federal reform provisions. For additional information about MedBen Dental, please contact our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683.

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