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Despite Majority, GOP Repeal Of Obamacare Highly Unlikely


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Despite Majority, GOP Repeal Of Obamacare Highly Unlikely

Capitol Building

If you're wondering why the Republican-led houses of Congress haven't yet made a full-court press to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Rachael Bade and Jennifer Haberkorn explain the reasons behind the delay:

"Repealing the law 'root and branch' is probably out of the question, the chamber’s parliamentarian is hinting, because some parts of Obamacare don’t affect the federal budget. That’s a must in order to use the obscure procedure known in Senate parlance as reconciliation, which allows lawmakers to avoid the 60-vote filibuster hurdle and pass bills on a simple majority vote.

"That’s not the GOP’s only problem. Under those rules any Obamacare repeal has to reduce — not increase — the deficit. So Republicans will have to pick and choose which parts of the Affordable Care Act they most want to ditch.

"'The message came out loud and clear that total repeal won’t work,' said Tom Miller, a health care policy expert at the right-of-center American Enterprise Institute, referring to private conversations on the Hill about what can and can’t be done.

"That means Republicans will probably have to go through the ACA provision by provision and strike only policies that have a direct cost to Uncle Sam, what’s known on the Hill as a 'Byrd rule scrub" or 'Byrd bath.'”

Read more at POLITICO.

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