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Diet Programs Among Least Popular Weight Loss Options, Study Finds


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Diet Programs Among Least Popular Weight Loss Options, Study Finds

Last week, we wrote about a Consumer Reports study that declared Jenny Craig to be the most effective diet program (at least when offered for free). But as so often seems to happen, along comes another study to bring Jenny and her ilk down a peg.

Medical News Today reports that researchers for the non-profit Calorie Control Council found that diet programs and “restrictive” diets like Atkins are among the least popular weight control methods for Americans 18 years old and over, despite their celebrity endorsers and frequent media profiles. Other less favored strategies include online weight loss programs, using diet pills and skipping meals.

As for the more popular weight loss methods, the study found that people prefer common-sense diet techniques (or so they say). Cutting back on foods high in sugar tops the most-liked list, followed by eating smaller portion sizes, consuming low-calorie and sugar-free foods and beverages, and combining calorie reduction with exercise.

“Restrictive dieting, such as cutting out certain foods entirely, may work in the short term, but it usually does not pay off in the long term,” says Beth Hubrich, a registered dietitian with the Calorie Control Council. She added that eating smaller portions, limiting fat and sugar intake and exercising are the keys to losing weight and maintaining it.

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