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Dietary Supplements May Lead To Poor Health Decisions


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Dietary Supplements May Lead To Poor Health Decisions

It’s probably just a coincidence, but research is coming out fast and furious in the wake of a recent announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that over half of Americans use dietary supplements. Last week, we were told that calcium supplements may put women at higher risk for heart problems. And now, a study finds that people who take dietary supplements tend to make poorer health choices than those who don’t.

Medical News Today reports that Taiwanese researchers conducted experiments to observe whether the use of dietary supplements affected subjects’ subsequent health-related decisions. Prior to the tests, all participants were given a placebo, but half were told they were actually taking a multivitamin. In one experiment, participants were given a choice between a buffet and an organic meal – and those who thought they had taken a supplement were more likely to opt for the less-healthy option. Likewise, a second test, which monitored exercise habits, again found that those in the perceived supplement group walked less than the control group.

The study suggests that users of dietary supplements can easily fool themself into the misconception that simply taking them makes them less vulnerable to health hazards – and by doing so, they put themselves at risk of engaging in self-defeating behaviors. Bottom line: multivitamins are no substitute for proper diet and exercise – after all, that’s why they call them “supplements"!

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