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Doctor-Patient Relationship Promotes Better Health, Saves Money


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Doctor-Patient Relationship Promotes Better Health, Saves Money


We frequently mention on this blog how MedBen’s Worksite Wellness program takes a “physician-first” approach – members are encouraged to use their family physicians as gatekeepers of care, rather than relying upon impersonal onsite checkups. We find that by maintaining a doctor-patient relationship, members are more likely to practice healthy habits while reducing their risk of developing a chronic condition.

But there’s another way this partnership pays dividends. Simply put, it saves money… for plan members as well as the employer.

If a doctor detects a disease in its earliest stages, it can potentially mean a difference of hundred of thousands of dollars in medical costs. Moreover, as physician Richard Young, MD relates on his blog, a family doctor who knows your medical history can also advise you whether a medical course of action is worthwhile:

“[A] patient said to her family doc, ‘My CPAP technician said I need a new CPAP machine and a new sleep study.’ The family doc asked her a few questions, then said, ‘You don’t need a new machine or a new sleep test.’ The patient was comfortable with this conclusion, best I could tell.

“Think about it. He made no extra money for saving the greater system several thousand dollars. He did not get a cut of the insurance money that wasn’t spent[…] He talked her out the unnecessary test and treatment just because it was a core value of his.”

A primary care physician that cautions against unnecessary care, Young notes, offers a “hidden source of savings that doesn’t appear on an insurance company analysis or Medicare report.“ Likewise, a wellness program that enourages plan members to establish a family doctor relationship at the outset in turn promotes a healthier bottom line for the employer.

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