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Don't Let Setbacks Sidetrack Your Weight Loss Resolution


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Don't Let Setbacks Sidetrack Your Weight Loss Resolution

So, we’re three days into the new year… have you stuck with that resolution to lose weight?


Well, now is not the time to get discouraged… rather, accept the reality that setbacks are inevitable when changing long-held dietary behaviors, said Dr. Jessica Bartfield, an internal medicine and medical weight-loss specialist at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. “When you learn to ride a bike, you expect that you will fall down a couple times and are prepared to try again and get back on; you need to have the same expectation with weight loss and to plan accordingly,” she explained.

Barfield offered suggestions to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, several of which we highlight below. You can find all the tips at HealthDay News (via Yahoo! Health).

  • Set clear, realistic goals. Avoid setting vague goals. Objectives need to be specific and attainable. People can start by trying to lose 10 percent of their body weight, Bartfield recommended.
  • Keep track of calories. Do not underestimate how many calories you consume at each meal.
  • Have a weekly weight check. “Monitoring your weight on a weekly basis provides a fairly accurate weight trend and, more importantly, an early detection of any weight regain, which allows you to adjust behaviors accordingly,” Bartfield said.
  • Be consistent. “Eat at regular intervals seven days per week,” Bartfield advised. “Being ‘good’ on the weekdays and then splurging on the weekend creates a harmful cycle that discourages weight loss.”
  • Plan for setbacks. “When you learn to drive, or learn a sport or musical instrument, you make mistakes and you have an experienced instructor – maybe even several – to help correct the mistakes and prevent repeats. Enlist a trusted friend, or enroll in a program to learn and master the rules of weight loss,” Bartfield said.

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