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Effective Wellness Addresses the Costliest Chronic Conditions


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Effective Wellness Addresses the Costliest Chronic Conditions

wellness exam

MedBen WellLiving focuses on preventing chronic conditions in order to reduce gaps in employee care… as well as lowering the corresponding costs that make up a big chunk of employer health care spending.

A recent International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans survey found that diabetes is the number one condition impacting benefit plan health costs for 41% of the respondents. Other chronic conditions impacting costs include heart disease (27%), hypertension (26%), and high cholesterol (11%).

With an emphasis on preventive care through annual wellness examinations, WellLiving reduces the impact of Type 2 diabetes and other pricey chronic conditions. Additionally, regular cancer screenings help to diagnose this costly disease in its earliest stages.

High-risk plan members get an extra level of intervention through individualized counseling and prevention information via a registered nurse. This one-on-one approach helps to keep chronic conditions, and their corresponding expenses, in check.

Maintaining a healthy workplace and lower care costs are essential to the long-term success of a business, and WellLiving offers employers a proven wellness solution. Find out more by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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