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Electronic Funds Transfers For Ohio Providers Starts Soon


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Electronic Funds Transfers For Ohio Providers Starts Soon

Beginning October 1, MedBen will begin paying Ohio providers electronically for all claims submitted in the same manner. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) benefits both the employer and the physician by expediting the payment process while eliminating the risk of undelivered or misplaced checks.

The requirement is applicable for any treatment received from an Ohio provider, even if your plan and/or plan participants are not located in Ohio.

In addition to the electronic payment change, MedBen will begin issuing “bulk” checks to providers that still receive paper checks, in order to streamline the overall payment process. Instead of sending a separate check for each claim that the provider submits to the Plan, a “bulk” payment will issue a single check to the provider on each check run with a description of the claims for which they are receiving payment.

Both of these changes will reduce the number of physical checks that our self-funded groups issue to providers. Additionally, the format of the check logs that self-funded clients currently receive from MedBen will change to reflect both EFT and bulk payments.

MedBen self-funded clients with questions can call their Group Service Representatives for assistance.

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