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Even Late In Life, Quitting Smoking Reduces Death Risk


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Even Late In Life, Quitting Smoking Reduces Death Risk

The fact that non-smokers typically live longer that smokers hardly qualifies as news. And it’s fairly well-established that kicking the habit improves life expectancy. But a new study has confirmed that quitting even late in life reduces the risk of early death.

According to HealthDay News, researchers reviewed data from from 17 studies from seven countries (Australia, China, England, Japan, France, Spain and the United States) published between 1987 and 2011. People in the study were followed for between three and 50 years.

As expected, smokers 60 and over had a much higher risk of death – 83% – from cancer, heart disease and all other causes compared to nonsmokers in the same age group. But former smokers 60 and over reduced the risk to 34% higher than of those who never smoked.

“In my experience, individuals who have smoked for several decades are less interested in quitting and are less likely to be encouraged to quit by their health-care providers,” said Patricia Folan, director of the Center for Tobacco Control at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck, N.Y. She hopes the findings “may provide incentive for older smokers to quit and encourage providers to target this group of smokers for cessation efforts,” Folan said.

By the way, if you’re one of those people who are trying to quit: Another new study suggests that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help.

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