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Exercise May Not Help Every Heart, Study Suggests


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Exercise May Not Help Every Heart, Study Suggests

If you’ve been looking for a reason to justify your couch-potato lifestyle, science has delivered a bit of good news for you. A group of researchers have determined that exercise could actually increase your risk of heart disease, The New York Times reports.

In an analysis of six rigorous exercise studies involving 1,687 people, the group found that about 10% raised their blood pressure or levels of insulin, both indicators of heart disease. And 7% got worse on both measures.

It’s important to point out, however, that another 10% of study participants showed an exceptionally good response on at least one measure. Additionally, the research only provided a glimpse of participants’ health over a short period, so it’s not known if the 10% that showed bad results may not have improved over time if they maintained a less arduous workout regimen.

The study’s authors recommended that people continue to exercise, but get their heart disease risk factors checked on a regular basis. They also noted that exercise carries other benefits other than reducing heart risk, such as better mental health and improved physical functioning.

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