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FDA Offers Greater Transparency Through New Patient Website


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FDA Offers Greater Transparency Through New Patient Website

FDA Patient Network

To give Americans the opportunity to get a closer look at how medications receive government approval, the Food and Drug Administration this week launched a new website called the FDA Patient Network.

According to MedCity News, the site serves as “an educational resource for patients, patient advocates and consumers to learn about drug and device approval, off-label use of products and clinical trials.” Additionally, it allows visitors to leave questions, comment on decisions and become involved in the decision-making process.

“When patients better understand the intricacies of how medical products are studied, reviewed, assessed and brought to market, their input will be that much more focused and valuable,” Commissioner Margaret Hamburg wrote in a blog post. “We hope, with the launch of this new website, to expand the role of patients beyond the select group of patient representatives and to engage a wider audience of patients in new and broader ways.”

Hamburg added that the site will also feature live chats with senior agency officials… so if you’re wondering why a particular drug hasn’t got the go-ahead, here’s a opportunity to go straight to the top for answers.

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