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FDA Panel Recommends Infant Doses On Children's Fever Medicines


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FDA Panel Recommends Infant Doses On Children's Fever Medicines

The federal government may require soon changes to the packaging of children’s medications. USA Today reports that a panel of Food and Drug Administration advisors voted unanimously yesterday to add doses for children six months to two years old on the labels of Children’s Tylenol and similar products containing the pain reliever acetaminophen.

Currently, such labels only provide dosage instructions for children over two, and recommend that parents of sick infants consult a physician. But a spike in acetaminophen-related overdoses – most common among children younger than two – has spurred the FDA to rethink this approach.

According to WebMD, the panel noted that infant acetaminophen should be labeled only for fever reduction in children under two, though such medications are commonly also prescribed by doctor for pain relief.

The advisory panel also voted that medicines should include dosing information based on children’s weight, and emphasize that it is a more accurate dosing measure than age. The FDA typically follows the panel’s recommendations, so it is likely these guidelines will become binding.

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