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FDA Warns Rx Users Of Online Fraud, Phone Scams


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FDA Warns Rx Users Of Online Fraud, Phone Scams

The Food and Drug Administration recently alerted prescription drug users to two different types of consumer deception:

Associated Press: “The [FDA] is warning U.S. consumers that the vast majority of Internet pharmacies are fraudulent and likely are selling counterfeit drugs that could harm them.

“The agency […] launched a national campaign, called BeSafeRx, to alert the public to the danger, amid evidence that more people are shopping for their medicine online, looking for savings and convenience.

“Instead, they’re likely to get fake drugs that are contaminated, are past their expiration date or contain no active ingredient, the wrong amount of active ingredient or even toxic substances such as arsenic and rat poison. They could sicken or kill people, cause them to develop a resistance to their real medicine, cause new side effects or trigger harmful interactions with other medications being taken.”

Reuters: “Con artists posing as [FDA] agents are trying to extort money from people who buy medications online and over the telephone, the agency warned […]

“The FDA, which is charged with protecting consumers, says these fake government officials gather people’s personal information from online transactions, questionnaires and consumer lists and then call them demanding fines.

“The scammers tell victims that buying drugs over the Internet or telephone is illegal and threaten them with prosecution unless a fine or fee ranging from $100 to $250,000 is paid, the agency said in a statement.

“‘If you refuse to pay up, the caller threatens to search your properties, arrest or deport you, put you in jail, and even physically harm you,’ the FDA said.”

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