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Fish Oil Research Roundup


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Fish Oil Research Roundup

With all the fish oil studies popping up on Internet news sites, one can’t help but wonder if researchers are purposely working 24/7 until every last bit of information about its effects has been gleaned. In the past couple days alone, we’ve stumbled across these articles – none of them particularly positive about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids (the type found in fish oil):

Fish oil supplements may not prevent mental decline (Reuters): Taking daily omega-3 fatty acid supplements doesn’t seem to provide any protection against declines in thinking and memory skills in older adults, a new review of medical evidence suggests. Researchers theorized that because the brain is rich in the type of polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish oil, adding more could boost memory – but trials have been disappointing.

Fish oil won’t save diabetics’ hearts, research suggests (HealthDay): People with type 2 diabetes who take omega-3 fatty acid supplements are neither helping nor harming their heart, a new study finds. Researcher Dr. Hertzel Gerstein speculated that diabetics may react differently to these supplements, or their risk of cardiovascular disease is so severe that a higher dose of the supplement would be needed to see an effect.

Fish oil no help for heart patients’ depression (Reuters): A new clinical trial has found that fish oil pills and B vitamins don’t appear to help ward off depression symptoms in people with a history of heart attack or stroke. In fact, men who were randomly assigned to take fish oil actually displayed increased signs of depression.

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