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Flu Shots Closer to Flu Season a Better Bet


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Flu Shots Closer to Flu Season a Better Bet

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Not too long ago, it seemed that most people got their flu shot at just about the same time every year. But now that many pharmacies offer walk-in vaccinations ‒ with one major chain even going so far as to offer shopping discounts with your shot ‒ the flu shot season has practically become a year-round event. But is that a sensible approach to protecting against a serious condition like influenza?

The length of a vaccine's effectiveness can vary from person to person, so getting a shot too early could make you vulnerable during the peak months of flu activity (roughly November through March). Moreover, health plans typically pay for just one flu shot per year, and cover additional shots only in cases of medical necessity.

Therefore, when you get the immunization matters. For most people, the best time to get immunized is just prior to the start of flu season ‒ mid- to late October is a good rule of thumb. Keep in mind that the vaccine can take several weeks to become effective, so procrastinating isn't a good idea, either.

Employees covered under a MedBen-administered health plan who have questions about their flu shot benefits are welcome to contact our Customer Service Department at 800-686-8425.

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