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Focusing On Meal Reduces Snack Cravings Later, Study Finds


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Focusing On Meal Reduces Snack Cravings Later, Study Finds

If you’re the grab-a-quick-bite-and-get-back-to-work type when it comes to lunch, you may want to pay heed to a new study. Medical Xpress reports that psychologists at the University of Birmingham have found that people who concentrate on their lunch – like, make-it-the-center-of-your-universe concentration – tend to snack less in the afternoon.

Scientist split participants into three groups – the first fully focused on their meals, the second reading newspapers, and the third performing a minor task while eating. The food-focused group were asked to pay close attention to the taste, smell and flavor of food as well as the acts of chewing and swallowing, and to eat slowly.

After lunch, participants were offered various biscuits (this being a British study and all). The food focus group ate “significantly fewer biscuits", said head researcher Dr. Suzanne Higgs. “This points to the conclusion that there is a link between what you are remembering about your lunch and your subsequent food intake and that altering your food memory by concentrating on the food you eat, you can affect your later snacking,” she added.

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