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For Employee Enrollment, The Personal Touch Makes A Big Difference


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For Employee Enrollment, The Personal Touch Makes A Big Difference

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While online convenience is certainly critical to doing business in the 21st century, people still like the personal touch... and it's why face-to-face interaction remains a important component of the MedBen business model.

A recent U.S. Worker Survey showed that over half of employees enrolling for group benefits do so online, while another 25% use a paper form to complete their benefit selections. No real surprises there.

What is interesting is the level of satisfaction employees get when the human element is added to the enrollment process. According to the survey, only 74% of employees who completed their enrollments online with no assistance reported they were very or somewhat satisfied with the process, while just 72% responded similar feeling about completing paper forms with no help.

But here's the thing: By involving another person to assist with the enrollment process, the satisfaction level jumps up to 88%. And with MedBen as your health benefits manager, you get that personal assist.

All MedBen self-funded clients are assigned a team of dedicated group service representatives who not only serves as an everyday contact to the employer, but is also available to meet with employees during initial enrollments as well as any time a client wishes to inform or educate plan members. Our reps will work one-on-one with plan members to ensure they understand their plan benefits and are satisfied about the enrollment process.

Learn more about MedBen's approach to client services by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at or visiting

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