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For MedBen, Beating Trend Is All in the Details


For MedBen, Beating Trend Is All in the Details

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In recent years, U.S. health care spending has slowed significantly compared to the double-digit cost spikes we saw a decade ago. But there’s still room for improvement, so MedBen uses containment strategies to keep client claim costs under national trends.

Recently released numbers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) indicate that from the years 2014-2016, U.S. health care spending trend averaged 5.07% annually. MedBen's overall client block for the same period came in at 4.03% trend.

Moreover, as more of our clients have integrated the MedBen WellLiving program into their health plan, their costs have reflected the emphasis on preventive care and early detection of chronic conditions. From the years 2015-2016, our WellLiving block has realized a 1.60% trend compared to 5.05% nationally.

Keeping client health care costs as low as possible starts with focusing on the primary cause of higher spending – claims. MedBen eschews the "claim is a claim" mindset, instead processing every claim with an eye on accuracy and medical necessity. Should our surveillance system detect a claim that merits additional scrutiny, medical specialists review it to ensure the most favorable outcome.

MedBen is committed to finding ways to save your health plan money by beating the trend. See up close how we do it by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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