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Fouch Among MedBen Employees Celebrating Benchmark Anniversaries


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Fouch Among MedBen Employees Celebrating Benchmark Anniversaries

Anita Fouch

At an employee appreciation luncheon on September 14, MedBen employees who have reached noteworthy anniversaries were honored for their achievements... among them, Director of Accounting Operations Anita Fouch, who has served our clients for an impressive 30 years.

Anita worked her way up at MedBen, starting in 1988 as company receptionist. She later performed various jobs in the Administration and Billing Departments before becoming an Accounting Manager in 2004. She was named a Director in 2012.

Asked after the event what she enjoyed most about working at MedBen, Fouch replied that she appreciates the company's work ethic and family values. "MedBen recognizes everyone on a personal level, providing a great support system for me as an employee and as a parent,” she said.

Fouch added that she also likes the employee camaraderie at MedBen, which stems from its stable work environment. "I still love to get up in the morning and come do my job, while enjoying the company of the great co-workers and friends that I have the opportunity to work with every day," she said. "I’m very blessed."

MedBen 25th Anniversary celebrants

In addition to Anita's 30-year benchmark, three MedBen employees were singled out for their 25 years of service to MedBen. These include (in alphabetical order):

  • Arleen George, Provider Tech Support Specialist I;
  • Chuck Jindra, Senior Marketing Specialist; and
  • Bobbie Painter, Director of Claims.

(More about our 25th Anniversary celebrants soon!)

Other MedBen employees honored at the luncheon include:

  • 20 Years of Service: Tammy Jones, Tina Peck, Billie Rotert, Char Schaffner, Michelle Schmus, Kelly Stare and Tessie Young.
  • 15 Years of Service: Dan Bednar, Wendell Crain, Dru Ann Drake and Jeanne Olsen.
  • 10 Years of Service: Jennifer Baughman.
  • 5 Years of Service: Katie Dunn, Kim Dunn, Jessica Moore, Lori Phillis and Katrina Wilson.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating a benchmark anniversary with MedBen this year!

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