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Get Happy, Get Healthy


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Get Happy, Get Healthy

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A sound body is critical to good health, but a sound mind can be no less important, suggests a study which analyzed how an optimistic outlook affects a person's physical well-being.

Using what The New York Times describes as a "well-validated questionnaire," researchers rated 70,000 women on their level of optimism and collected information about their health and behavioral characteristics. Comparing the two sets of data, they found significant associations between increasing levels of optimism and decreasing risks of death from cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and infections.

Particularly strong were the associations for cardiovascular disease, as women in the quarter with the highest optimism scores had a nearly 40% lower risk for heart disease and stroke than those in the lowest quarter, even taking into account other health factors.

The MedBen WellLiving program subscribes to the idea that wellness works best when an individual is fully invested with the goals for better health. That's one of the reasons why, rather than offering onsite wellness, we encourage members to maintain a professional relationship with a family doctor of their choosing.

Through our primary care program, members have the opportunity to discuss concerns with a doctor who is well-acquainted with their health history and can provide informed guidance. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that the patient will heed the advice ‒ and hopefully promotes a positive attitude about his or her long-term health.
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